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 BBQ Party

€ 25 per person


Cajun chicken, herbs marinated beef, tex mex ribbs and sausages

Baked baby potatoes with rosemary and garlic

All the green things salad, lemon and olive oil dressing

All the red things salad, balsamic vinagar and olive oil dressing





all the green things salad.jpg
Barbecue party.jpg
Roasted baby potatoes with rosemary and

 Plancha Party

€ 25 per person

Gambas, seabream, tuna fish and squid snacked on a Spanish plancha style

Garlic mayonnaise and mango salsa

served with rice and ratatouille​

(Other choices of fish to be asked

with the chef)

plancha poissons.jpg

 Paëlla Party 

                 €20 per person

On sharing platters, enjoy some Serrano ham,  with garlic and olive  bread while the chef is preparing this generous paëlla in front of you

7 traiteur beziers eldorado reunion pael

 Seafood Party

€ 20 per person


6 oysters from Thau


800 g  of mussels per person

with home-made chips

Lobster party.jpg

Lobster party
€40  per person

Fresh grilled lobster

400 g each

Poke bowl with rice, avocado, peppers, cucumber, mango, tomatoes, coconut spicy dressing

poke bowl 1.jpg

Grazing tables

€18 per person

Cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, salads, chutney, breads and crackers

grazing table 4.jpg
grazing table 2.jpg
grazing table 3.jpg
grazing table 1.jpg
Cheese board 1.jpg
cheese board 2.jpg

 Cheese tower
    Selection of cheeses, grape, figs, dry apricots, bread and crackers    
8 €        (80 g of cheese per person)