BBQ Party

€ 20 per person


Duck breast, beef steak and lamb leg grilled on swords

Assortment of three dips

Braised potatoes with white cheese, shalots and chive dip

 Plancha Party

€ 20 per person

King prawns, salmon, tuna fish and squid snacked on a Spanish plancha style

Garlic mayonnaise and mango salsa

served with saffran rice and ratatouille​

(Other choices of fish to be asked

with the chef)

    Paëlla Party  €20

Serrano ham, garlic and tomato toasted bread


Paëlla Valenciana

Menu Mussels Party

€ 15 per person


1 kilo of mussels per person

Home-made chips

Cold Cocktail Party

Toasts (€ 1,50) - serrano ham and butter, smoked salmon, taramasalata,

roquefort and nuts, goat cheese and sundried tomato, smoked duck and fig chutney

Mini wraps (€ 1,50) - salmon, cream cheese, herbs and salad,

chicken, mayonnaise, salad

Mini Brioches (€ 1,80) - Roquefort mousse and nuts, garlic and parsley

cheese, salmon rillettes, duck mousse

Norwegian bread mini sandwiches

(€ 1,80) - tandoori chicken, smoked

salmon and herbs, goat cheese and vegetables

Cheese lollipops (€ 1,80) - goat cheese or mozzarella

Verrines (€ 1,80) - beetroot mousse and garlic soft cheese, vegetable tartar, guacamole cheesecake and prawns, caviar of aubergines, mango and crab salsa, tomato tartar, salmon and dill carpaccio, beef and Parmesan carpaccio, Tzatziki

Hot Cocktail Party

On the grill, at live station (€ 2,00) - (served with sliced bread and sticks)

vegetables skewers, Thai chicken skewers, king prawns, beef skewers, squid

In the fryer (€ 1,50) - calamaris, codfish fritters, pork spring rolls, samosas

Pizzas (€ 1,50) - tomato ham mozzarella, tomato anchovies mozzarella

Other (€ 1,50) - plum and bacon roll, quiche, cheese feuilletés, pigs in blankets