Homemade foie gras terrine with gingerbread toast and fig chutney   €14

Tuna tartare with lime, ginger and mango salsa   €10


Salmon gravlax with lime sorbet   €10

Serrano ham and melon  €10



                6 oysters from Thau  €14

with lemon and shalot vinagar

Prawns with garlic mayonnaise €12

Italian salad €11

Tomatoes, mozarella, olives, basil, parmesan cheese, parma ham, balsamique vinagar and olive oil dressing

Greek salad  €11

Green mix salad, cucumber, olives, feta cheese, mint, tomatoes, lemon and olive oil dressing

Gravlax de saumon.jpg



Roasted parmesan crusted seabass filet   €14

 Porcini mushrooms stuffed guinae fowl  €16

Duck breast with green pepper sauce  €17

Lobster tail, passion fruit and lime salsa   €20

Slow cooked Lamb shank, rosemary greavy  €19

Seared salmon in pepper crust  €14

Roasted farm chicken  €15

South France specialities

Bouillabaisse from Marseille 25 €

sea bream, sea bass, scorpion fish, red mullet poached in a fish soup, served with potatoes

Bourride de lotte from Sète 17 €

monkfish in saffran, tomato and garlic mayonnaise sauce served with potatoes and carrots

Cassoulet from Castelnaudary 17 €

duck, sausage, white beans slow cooked in duck fat

Paëlla  14 €

Rice, saffran, mussels, chicken, prawns, chorizo, squid, peppers, green peas.


Mashed potato with olive oil


Creamy potato gratin

Asparagus and basil risotto

Baked baby potatoes with rosemary and garlic


"Procençale" tomatoes (breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley)


Green beans and bacon roll


Please note : courgettes,aubergines,tomatoes, peppers, basil and parsley come from my garden


Traditional  Lime pie with meringue top   €6


Crispy chocolate cake   €5

Strawberry or raspberry sponge cake   €5

Profiterole tower / Croque en bouche   €8

Red fruit pana cotta  €5

Cup cakes €5  (big size)


Assortment of  mini desserts 

3 for €6           5 for €8      

profiterolle,  strawberry tartlet, macaroon, chocolate truffle, keylime pie, cupcake, raspberry tartlet

Birthday cake on demand €7

Cheese board with bread   € 6

Camembert, Roquefort, St Marcellin,

St Nectaire, dry apricots and wallnuts

Baked goat cheese in a bacon roll with salad   €5

key lime pie.jpg
croustillant aux trois chocolats.jpg



Hot goat cheese and bell peppers spring roll

with vegetable tartare  €9

Grilled vegetables terrine €8

Aubergines and tomato tart €8


Spinach and ricotta pasta  €12

Poke bowl   €12

(basmati rice, mango, broad beans, cucumber, oignons, carrots, red cabbage, grilled tofu

Stuffed Red bell peppers   €12

with quinoa and diced vegetables,


Vegan chocolate cake €6

Almond milk strawberry pana cotta  €6

Fresh fruit salad   €6

poke bowl.jpg