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As a young teenager, when I wanted some pocket money, I had to give some help to my dad to deserve my 5 francs to go the cinema. He was a painter, his own boss, so I use to go with him on some wednesdays and saturdays to give a hand. The job was not fun for me, but the best moment of the day was when  he was taking me to these great bistrot restaurants in Versailles or Paris. Typical bistrot style food, so traditional, so amazing.  I ended up few years later in a great catering school near Paris. And here I am now, enjoying every day because I still love my job 30 years later.


Tel: 06 33 10 69 60  |  Email:


Getting more and more busy, I've had to find some help. That's when I met last june 2023 my business partner, David Galtier, (Du Goût, private chef) a great chef who spent years in gastronomic restaurants.

Our team is a combination of bistrot and gastronomic restaurant 

Our style is bistronomic !!

I won't say he is as crazy as I am, but he is so passionnate about his job, I learn from him every time we work together.





I'm happy to say, we are going to give the best food.....and the best of us !

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