Food Truck

How about a food truck for the day after ?

Snack Bar Style - Gourmets burgers, Hotdogs, Sausages, Duck breast, Chicken, Fish and Chips, Chips, Paninis (sweet and savoury), Wraps

Asian Style - Crispy Seasoned Chicken, Thai Green Chicken, Brown Sugar Asian Glazed Beef, Vegetable Noodles, Special Fried Rice, Spicy Soup

Spanish Style - Tapas Selection and Paella - Patatas Bravas, Fish Fritters, Chorizo, Grilled prawns, Calamar, Grilled Peppers, Tortilla, Cheese croquettes, Duck and fig pinchos etc

Hawaiian Style - Fruity Chicken, BBQ King Prawns with hot sauce, Surfer Wraps, BBQ ribs and potatoes, Garlic mayonnaise and mango salsa

Full english brunch - baked beans, bacon, scrambled eggs, potatoes, muffins, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, HP sauce !, toast, smoked salmon, avocado.

And some croissants indeed.

with coffee and tea


Ice Cream, Sweet Pancakes, and much more!

Ice cream stand with a selection of 6 flavours of ice cream


€ 4 per person

Price based on 2 cones per person


Pancake stand for sweet pancakes (jam, sugar or Nutella)


€ 5 per person

Price based on 3 pancakes per person