Cocktail Party – Cold food


Most popular canapes *

Canapes 1.50 €

serrano ham and butter

smoked salmon

foie gras *

goat cheese and sundried tomato

smoked duck and fig chutney

Fried pancetta with goat cheese and fig *

Greek sushi *



Mini brioches : 1,80 €

roquefort mousse and nuts

garlic and parsley cheese

smoked salmon mousse


Edible pastry Cups 1,80 €

beetroot mousse and garlic cheese *

vegetable tartare

guacamole cheesecake and prawns

caviar of aubergines

mango and crab salsa *

salmon and dill carpaccio

beef and parmesan carpaccio

Cocktail sticks 1.50 €

melon and serrano ham

cherry tomato and mozarella

grape and comté cheese *

prawn and pineapple

Crostinis 1.80 €

Fig, camembert, thyme and hazelnut

Mozzarella proscuito and peach

Pea, mint and pecorino

Cocktail Party – Hot food

On the grill at the live station : 2,00 € each

Vegetables skewers

Chicken skewers *

King prawns *

Beef skewers


In the fryer at the live station: 1,50 € each


Fish fritters (cod) *

Pork spring rolls

Curried vegetable Samosas *

Pizzas : 1,50 €

Tomato, ham, mozzarella

Tomato, peppers, mozzarella

Other : 1,50 €

Plum and bacon roll


Camembert bites

Pigs in blankets *

Mini Burgers *

Boursin muffin *

Cafe gourmand

3 piece for 6€

5 pieces for 8€


Chocolate truffle

Key lime pie


Strawberry tartlet

Raspberry tartlet

Cup cakes